Rain soul pure wellness testimonies


Rain Soul Testimonies


“My husband’s friend Jeremy told us about this new product and it had great expectations and it was called Rain Soul Pure Wellness – he said if it does half of what it’s been said to do you only stand to benefit. So, he brought us over 2 packets and I took one and I am here to tell you the next day my knee was not swollen. My knee has never returned to Ground Zero, if you will, in 20 years and I was just amazed that it could happen that quickly. And there was no pain and I had my flexibility…”


“One of the reasons why Rain Soul Pure Wellness is meaningful to me is because it allows me to have a better quality of life. It’s not just another put on the shelf product, I think it’s something that I can say is real, Not only do I feel better, I see there is measureable outcomes for me, its just really been a good thing…its been a blessing.”
Rain Soul Testimonies


“When I first started taking it, I was using it for facials too. The product just like drew everything out that was toxic and I thought, huh. But you could definitely see my face was a lot brighter, so I used it for facials, I use it for just about everything. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us as far as a Holistic product and a company that’s building a business with a Holistic approach. I think it’s something that’s really meant for people who believe and trust in a Holistic process and care enough to share this.”
Rain Soul Testimonies


“So my husband was taking a product called Rain Soul Pure Wellness and he said honey why don’t you try this, see if it helps you feel better from your hiking. And I’m very skeptical, there’s so many things out there that say they’re going to make you feel better, everything’s going to feel wonderful and they never work, so I didn’t take it for awhile. And then one day I was rummaging through the cupboards and there it was and I thought I’ll take it, no big deal, so I took it and I felt pretty good. I began reading a lot on essential oils and how it helps your joints to repair quicker and I don’t have as many problems with my knees, which is great. That’s the bottom line you know, if I feel good and my energy levels are wonderful and I’m recovering I don’t see any reason to ever stop taking it, even once I reach my goal. It helps in my everyday life…it’s wonderful.”
Weight Loss

Rain Soul Testimonies

Mr Derick, 30 years old from Penang, Malaysia lost weight by 40kg in just 4 months.From 135kg to now 85kg. He took Rain Soul Pure Wellness 2 sachets and exercised for an hour per day.

Rain Soul Testimonies

Linda Chuah, 45 years old from Penang, Malaysia. After consuming Rain Soul Pure Wellness minimum 1 sachet per day, 30 minutes before exercise, she reduce her weight by 40kg in 4 months.

Rain Soul Testimonies

Ms. Jolin Phang, 34 years old from Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia. After consumed Rain Soul Pure Wellness 2 packs every morning, 1 pack afternoon, 1 pack evening,t and 2 packs before sleep. she lose her weight from 64kg to 54kg within 6 months.


Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies Rain Soul Testimonies Rain Soul Testimonies  Rain Soul Testimonies Rain Soul Testimonies
Rain Soul Testimonies


台湾桃園謝西洋先生肝癌( Liver Cancer )

Rain Soul Testimonial Diabetes Cholesterol

“My name is Natahlie and I live in the Boston area. All my life I suffered with asthma and allergies and over the years the allergies just seem to get worse, I have arthritis in both knees from being so off balance from a serious car accident in which I suffered several fractures and broken bones which left me with several pins and screws in my right ankle 30 years ago! About 3 years ago I lost the hearing in my right ear about half in my left from a virus and a very loud music hit which left me pretty much devastated.because with the hearing loss came tinnitus!

Now just recently about 3 weeks ago I was in fear of losing all my upper front teeth! My mouth was so inflamed and my upper teeth so extremely sensitive to hot and cold and I could not bite into anything and had to drink from a straw…it was depressing to be in so much pain I just knew that was the end of my teeth!

Determination got the better half of me to do my research to find a cure for my teeth! I found I was deficient in fat soluble vitamins and minerals. I started taking cod liver oil and skate liver oil which helped a lot with my teeth but I still had one tooth that was still sensitive and I didn’t know if I would be successful in getting it to heal before I go to the dentist next Wed.

I happened to see Angel Thompson’s post about RAIN SOUL PURE WELLNESS and inquired her about the product and decided to try the seven day sample. I received my sample package on Thursday which I took one pouch that day and two yesterday and one this morning, I have to say I am AMAZED!

I stopped taking my liver oils for a few days to test RAIN SOUL PURE WELLNESS and here’s what I noticed: ONE: I finally have a completely pink tongue which before I had to nearly brush the skin off and still wouldn’t have a completely pink tongue! TWO: My knees are not hurting when I walk up and down the stairs! THREE: My digestive system is getting better my stomach is going down! FOUR: My tooth is a lot less sensitive than it was a couple of days ago hopefully the sensitivity will be completely gone by Wednesday! FIVE: My skin looks better from the residue of the seeds I put on my skin. SIX:

Next week I plan to order more RAIN SOUL PURE WELLNESS and join the team! This would be a great product for children who are developing their brains, teeth and bones!

Thank you Angel Thompson! Thank you Rain International for making this product available! I am so excited to be looking forward to taking care of all those other issues I been experiencing and help others to do the same!” Natahlie, MA


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